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Reservation  Policy
Updated for 2018 trips
  • Email or call the specified trip contact with your questions about trips.

  • To apply, contact the specified leader with a statement of condition, experience, and altitude tolerance. Include your address, phone, and email.

  • You may apply at any time, but note that all applications received through February 9, 2018 are treated equally -- the date of receipt is not relevant. Acceptances to pool applicants will be sent on February 15, 2018.

  • Applications that are received after February 9, 2018 will be considered after the initial acceptances are issued.

  • Do not send a check prior to acceptance. After being accepted, send a check, payable to the Mule Pack Section, for a reservation deposit of $50 to the MPS Section Assistant Treasurer. The deposit must be received no later than March 15 to assure holding of your spot on the trip.

  • The balance of the trip cost must be received no later than 3 months before the trip. You will receive a reminder a few weeks before the due date.

  • Positions will be offered to people on the wait list if final payment has not been received by the due date.

Cancellation Policy
  • For cancellations earlier than 3 months before the trip. Any payments other than the $50 deposit will be refunded. The reservation deposit is generally non-refundable. However if you have to cancel due to documented injury or illness , the reservation deposit will be refunded if and only if there is a suitable replacement available.

  • For cancellations later than 3 months before the trip. If there is a suitable replacement available, there will be a $100 cancellation penalty and the balance of your payments will be refunded. If no suitable replacement is available, no refund will be given.

  • All payments are non-transferrable.  Applicants referred by persons who cancel will receive no special consideration.

  • If there has been more than one cancellation, and a replacement is chosen by the leaders, the refund will go to the first person who cancelled.

Wait List
If a trip is full, you will be offered an option of being put on a wait list. Trips often have cancellations. You should also check whether other trips have vacancies.
Submitting Payments
  • Send no money until after you are accepted on the trip by the leader.

  • Make all checks  payable to the Mule Pack Section.

  • Include the name of the trip on the memo line of your check.

  • Send payment checks to

Laura Joseph,
Assistant Treasurer, MPS
2386 E Del Mar Blvd, #328
Pasadena, CA 91107