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If you love being in the Sierra, you'll love mule pack trips!
All the joys of backpacking and more without carrying a pack!

2018 trips
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The Mule Pack Section conducts camping trips in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California lasting between four and seven days. Most trips start on the east side, from Lone Pine in the south to Yosemite in the north. Because mules carry 40 to 55 pounds of each participant's gear, food, and supplies, you can enjoy the beauties and activities of the Sierra without the burden of a heavy backpack and with a greater variety of food, a larger tent, and other amenities not possible on a typical backpack.

On the trail to Saddlerock

Lake Genevieve

Each summer, you can choose from five to eight trips to different locations. On the first day, mules carry our gear while we hike separately to our selected campsite in a scenic wilderness area, typically at an elevation of 9,000 to 11,000 feet. We set up our base camp and, for the next several days, enjoy hiking, fishing, reading, relaxing or whatever activity the participant chooses..
All activities are informal and unscheduled. In the evenings, we enjoy the traditional Mule Pack Happy Hour -- a potluck that often serves as dinner -- including goodies contributed by participants. Some trips include a full dinner provided by participants. The dinner hour provides an opportunity to socialize and discuss the next day's activities and hike destinations while enjoying wine provided by the Mule Pack Section. On the last day, the mules return to pick up our gear and we hike out, looking forward to next year's adventure.
Little Elephant Head

The leaders of each trip will let you know what to bring. For all trips, you’ll need your tent, sleeping bag, a chair, and food for breakfast and lunch. In addition, depending on the trip, you’ll bring either contributions to happy hour or something for the dinner. Refer to the Equipment and Food pages for more information.

Mule packs are great opportunities for all lovers of the outdoors, especially

  • People who actively backpack and appreciate an occasional opportunity to be free of the weight
  • Couples who enjoy the outdoors but one of them does not backpack
  • Folks who have left their backpacking days behind
  • People who want to enjoy the beauty of the Sierra in relative comfort
  • Peak baggers (up to class  2 when the leaders are 'I' rated)
  • Fishing enthusiasts
  • Photographers
  • Wildflower fans

Kelley's Tiger Lily
Some of the popular destinations that Mule Pack trips have visited in the past are

Charlotte Creek
Clark Lakes
Cottonwood Lakes
Fourth Recess Lake
Humphrey Basin
Paradise Valley
Purple Lake
Saddlerock Lake
Sabrina Lake Basin
Virginia Canyon

Big Pine Lakes - Palisades Glacier
Thousand Island, Garnet, & Ediza Lakes
Upper Pine & Honeymoon Lakes

Lillian & Lady Lakes
McGee Creek Area 
Fourth Recess Lake

Yosemite Park: Bernice Lake, Boothe
Lake, Evelyn Lake, Glen Aulin, Hetch
Hetchy area, Sunrise Lakes, & Vogelsang

See this year's trips to make your choice, then contact the leader for more information